The rise of digital Commerce

by Zakran .com

The rise of digital commerce and fall of physical stores.

Digital buying and selling first found its place in the 1980s. With improvement in technology and now the wider use of the internet, digital commerce has spread excessively. Almost everyone in the world has at some point bought or even sold something online, be it clothing or electronics, now we can also see an increase in the trading of digital products, e-tickets, e-books, etc. Having an online store is almost a must. In this blog we will discuss the various advantages in why.

Cost Advantages

Online allows for ones costs to be a lot lower, imagine no need to pay for a physical storefront and respectively it’s employees to help manage it. Selling on the internet gives access to a whole new range of customers, all over the world, and there does not need to be any opening or closing hours. You are not limited by space, and can offer much more than usual. Judging by the financial aspects, online selling has clearly won. The demographic advantages play a major role in sales, from only being able to reach people in a local village area to billions around the world.

Anyone who refuses to adopt this will most likely suffer from a very dramatic experience.

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