Upcoming Changes

by Zakran .com

Zakran Improvements expected soon 

إن شاء الله



We are working to implement PayPal as Payment method. This means that you can become a Seller by adding PayPal Adress instead of Stripe.
If you tried to become a Seller on www.zakran.com and you did not connect your Stripe account during the application process, your account was not accepted to sell on Zakran.
This will change Soon InshaAllah.
You will be able to Sell on Zakran if you have one of the 2 accounts (Paypal or Stripe)


We are improving Shipping Methods

It is important for us to improve our Website and the Customer Experience, we are changing the Shipping Methods and make it easier for Sellers to offer their products World Wide.

You will now be asked to add the Shipping Cost durring the Vendor application, the informations will be automatically added to your Account.

You will be able to change the informations after account approval.
We will keep you updated!

إن شاء الله


Digital Products / Downloadable Products

We are making Digital Products available on Zakran InshaAllah.

Customers will be able to buy a Downloadable Product!

When will the changes happen?

Our Team is working very hard to improve the Customer Experience. Zakran is a New Marketplace and we are not trying to follow what other Marketplaces are doing. 

The main goal is to Support the Ummah and we believe, Improving the Technology and the Customer Experience is an important Part of Supporting the Sellers and the Customers. 

As we mentioned previously, we will keep you updated, we expect the changes will take place latest 01.11.2020 

إن شاء الله